Complete Trading Strategy Explained

Please read and understand this Image. It is an extract of years of hard work & analysis.
if Client chose to work with FOCAL or PREMIUM or PLATINUM or BE IT CopyTrade Service, Our client can always rely on this strategy, 

If you have any question regarding our STRATEGY your questions or suggestions are always appreciated. Feel Free to ask us on our Telegram Channel.

A Client with $1 million or maybe $1000 can Trade with This given Strategy.
Lot Sizes are adjusted mathematically with 1:200 leverage. Risk:Reward Pattern will reaming in proportion to capital. Be it CopyTrade Service or Be it Signal Service Capital Protection remains first and foremost priority of ForexTrade1.

Profit/Loss Terminology for YouTube-Main account ($1 Million Capital) 
Exceptional:   $50k or above Profit/Loss
Significant:     $25k or above Profit/Loss
Marginal:        $10k or above Profit/Loss
Small:              $5k to $10k between Profit/Loss
COPY TRADE/Signal service:
Lot size will be traded@ all 7 signals=1.0
Lot size will be traded@ all 7 signals=0.01
Copy trade service lot size will be auto adjusted as per client capital

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  1. Do you share your trading strategy or you teach it. Your strategy is so powerful. I see that you master dollar then you milk the market out of it.

  2. You guys are really doing a great job. Please, is there a platform for one on one tutorials?

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